DIE IMPROPHETEN - Commedia all’improvviso

Feinstes Improtheater


FR 02.07. 19:30


ca. 1h20min (keine Pause)

Foto: © Nina Wenzel


Is it safe? It sounds dangerous?

Under our axe-pert supervision it is completely safe. As long as you listen to the instructors and obey some basic safety rules. We are pleased to say we have never had any serious axe-idents!

What should I wear?

Dress for the weather. Comfortable relaxed clothing, and no open toe footwear, boots or trainers only. Viking horn headgear optional...

How do I book?

Hit the 'Book Us' tab on the website and complete the enquiry form. Alternatively, drop us an email or give us a call! We cater for small private parties, stag/hen do's and weddings, as well as large scale corporate events and music festivals!

Are you insured?

Of course! We have £10M Public Liability Insurance.

What space requirements do you need?

Our 4 target trailers require 7.6m x 6m and our 2 target trailers require 7.6m x 2.5m when set up (inc all steps/tow bar etc)

Can we drink alcohol?

Yes, a couple of beers and axe throwing goes suprisingly well together. However several beers and axe throwing doesn't! As such we reserve the right to not allow anyone visibly intoxicated to take part.

Are there any age limits?

We've had children as young as 10 and people as old as 70 participate! Under 16's are welcome to take part with parental permission.

How much does it cost?

For private hire we charge a hire fee of either half a day or a full day rate. Your guests are welcome to have as many throws/games as they wish. Please contact us for a quote as prices vary depending on desired dates, number of guests and location. For small events and festivals under 5,000 people, we still charge a hire fee, but we can subsidise the hire costs by charging the public a pay-per-throw on your behalf if you wish. Most of the time the event organiser ends up making money by having us attend! For large events and festivals, we forgoe a hire charge and instead charge the public a pay-per-throw option. We typically pay a comission from takings to the event organiser.